Elevate Your Look: Captivating Mum Styling Tips for Mother’s Day
10 May 2024

Reignite Your Style Spark: Mother’s Day Styling and Shopping Tips That will Make You Feel Confident

Looking for Mum styling tips to make you feel more captivating and confident?

We have got you covered!

As we approach Mother’s Day we started thinking about styling tips for Mum’s.

We want you to be excited about fashion!

These styling and shopping suggestions are designed to deliver style inspiration to Mum’s everywhere.


Shopping can be fraught for new Mum’s.

There is a lot, going on and dressing for your new shape is one more thing on your plate.

If you are looking for style inspiration post babies, we suggest trying Commonry.

Another good option is Witchery.

These brands offer bigger size ranges that make dressing your Mum bod whatever your shape easier.

Look for bottoms with front pockets and this will flatter your tummy.

A v neckline will help add shape to tops.

Captivating Mum Styling Tips

Immediately post babies we suggest prioritising comfort.

Look for pants with elasticity in the waist.

Do not be afraid to size up!

Belts will be your friend as your size fluctuates.

While sizing up is good, avoid oversized and shapeless garments.

Oversize and shapeless garments might dial up the comfort level, but they will not do you any favours when it comes to creating a flattering silhouette.

If you choose oversize pieces, layer them.

Monochrome colours of black, navy, and white can make a dramatic style statement.

Use colourful outerwear to add flair to your style.

Relax You Have Got This!

Juggling all the demands of being a Mum can be overwhelming.

Finding space for relaxing ‘me time’ will help as you navigate this phase of life.

Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist has got you covered.

Book a wardrobe refresh or personal shopping trip and we can show you how to find the fashion that will spark joy for you.

Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow and let us help you transform your wardrobe from ‘meh’ to fabulous!

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To all the Mum’s Happy Mother’s Day!

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