Aims – Indy Bindy Fabrics
22 Apr 2024

I was thrilled to be invited to collaborate with Aims, the owner of Indy Bindy Fabrics

Aims, a skilled sewer invited me to talk to her ‘Sewciety’ members about styling different body shapes.

Before, the talk, Aims had a few styling challenges for me.  

She had three pieces that were in her mending basket because despite having reworked them several times she was still not happy with how they looked on her.


The first item was a cute sundress.

To make the dress more her own I suggested two sleeve adjustment options:

  • shortening the sleeve so that it stopped in line with her bust
  • adding a cuff to the sleeve.

Aims could immediately see how the shape of the dress changed to better suit her upper torso. Best of all she loved the difference. The next suggestion was the addition of darts or pleats so that the dress was more fitted at the bust. Aims is petite and this suggestion immediately made the dress look more flattering.

The shirts

Styling the shirts – my no sew solutions.

Blue and white peasant style blouse

A blue and white peasant style blouse I assessed was too big for her.

Solution: I tucked the blouse into the waistband. While this changes the style of the top, it immediately made it more flattering.

While the sleeves could be resewn to tighten them. Another option is to use hair ties to gather the fabric in.

Abstract pattern, long sleeve top

The key features of the next top are its abstract pattern and dramatic sleeve.

Solution: I again tucked the top in at the front to place the emphasise on her shoulders and suggested Aims wear it with a pantaloon style pant.

The top also looked amazing cropped under the bust when snuggly fitted.

Adding a cummerbund; a very wide belt; or wearing a high waisted pant with a cummerbund style waistband are all options for achieving the same look (cropped, tightly fitted top) without sewing.

Whether or not you can sew, adapting and adjusting ready to wear pieces or in this case patterns so your clothes better fit you is the foundation of great style.

Aims lovely testimonial and her images below tell their own ‘before’ and ‘after’ story.

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“Linda breathed new life into clothes I had a loved, but they just never quite felt right on me. I knew something was wrong with them, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Linda knew instantly and she was spot on. I know these items will be in high rotation in my wardrobe now. Linda also helped me to identify garments that would complement what I already have so I can get even more wear out of them and feel fabulous too. She brought so much energy and fun to the session. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.”

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