Where to find shoes you will love – hard to fit edition!
19 Apr 2024

hard to fit feet? Check out our shopping tips

We love shoes!

Who doesn’t look at a gorgeous pair of shoes and wonder if you could get them in your size?

In our case the answer for too long has been do not bother trying.

At last this is changing.

Like size inclusive fashion, footwear retailers are hearing the call.

Below are our tips on where to buy fabulously fashionable footwear for hard to fit feet!

Shoes Brands – Homegrown Stars

Frankie 4, Rollie, Neo, and RM Williams lead our list when it comes to homegrown talent that caters for hard to fit feet.

  • From Rollie Nation expect to find shoes from AUS size 4 (EU 35) – AUS 12 (EU 43).
  • Frankie 4 caters for AUS size 5 (EU 36) to AUS size 13 (EU 44).
  • Neo from WA, which also has the brand NU comes in EU 36 to EU 42.
  • RM Williams’ sizes range from AUS 5 to AUS 11. Their made to measure approach ensures you can get a good fit.

Tasmania’s home-grown brand – Blundstones comes in US 4.5 (EU 34) – US 13 (EU 45).

Melbourne based Django & Juliette have stylish shoes that are worth hunting down.

The shoes are usually available in sizes EU 36 – 42 and sometimes bigger. The size options vary from stockist to stockist, so it is worth checking with the retailer first.

Australian Retailers stocking size inclusive options

In terms of Australia retailers consistently offering products for harder to fit feet at a modest price point, the Queensland based Big on Shoes is the best option we have found.

Big on Shoes offer a particularly good and reliable online service. Which is good news as their store is in Moranbah, Queensland.

If you are in Adelaide head to Angels Shoes located upstairs in the beautiful Adelaide Arcade.

Still in Adelaide try Ian’s Shoes for Women.

Find their stores in Norwood, Glenelg, and Hyde Park with and an Outlet Store in Prospect.

Ian’s stock the wide fitting brand Ziera which has the size range EU 36 – 46.

Peter Shepphard which operates stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane carries a good range of European and US shoe brands.

It specialises in shoes that are suitable for orthotics, and widths from AA – 4E.

Expect to pay for the high quality brands they have available

Another, orthotic friendly option is the podiatrist owned Happy fit Footwear.

They carry size EU 35 – 46. Based in Canberra, they have two stores.

An alternative Canberra based option is Redpath Shoes who also have an online store.

The Redpath range includes brands such as Doc Martens that have a wide selection of sizes.

Mountfords stocks the Gabor brand with size from EU 35.5 – 42.5.

It also has Ziera, and Django & Juliette. Some styles of these brands go up to size EU 46.

Overseas Brands

At the more expensive end of the market there is:

  • Stuart Weitzman,
  • the UK based Sophie Webster as an extend size range;
  • from Canada the very quirky Fluevog, which has a stand-alone store in Melbourne’S CBD.
  • Christian Louboutin caters for AUS size 3.5 (IT 34) – AUS 11.5 (IT 42).

The already mentioned brandS or their retailers have an online presence and/or are available through department stores (though the size options may be limited).

In addition, try:

  • Willow Shoes from New Zealand. It is a good option for larger fittings as it focusses on sizes NZ 10 – 13.5 (EU 41 – 46).
  • Also from New Zealand is Mi Piaci which has a distinct European aesthetic as their name suggests. Their sizes go from AUS size 4 (EU 35) – AUS 12 (EU 43).
  • UK based Crispins Shoes which caters for UK size 8 – 12 – EU 42 – 46.

Best of wishes in your search for the perfect pairs of shoes that fit.

If you are tall and are struggling to find jeans that fit, do not despair! Check out our article on Finding your perfect fit (of jeans) – tall edition.

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