How to make a stunning trench coat style statement!
10 Apr 2024

Struggling to style a trench coat? Discover why it might not be working.

Do you own a trench coat but not enjoy wearing it?

You are not alone!

Resisting the urge to buy and wear a trench coat in Autumn is hard.

It is the perfect piece of outerwear when the days are warm, but the mornings and evenings require a coat.

Want to know a secret though?

Does anyone look good in a trench coat?

Virtually, no one looks good wearing a trench coat, WHEN it is buttoned up and tied at the waist!

Wearing a trench coat this way may not only have you feeling like a sack of potatoes but looking like one too.

This is simply because the basic design was created for military men.

The pattern whilst having been adopted by women is little altered from the original.

Do not despair!

How to style a trench coat

The solution.

1. A trench coat is best worn open.

To create a more flattering look, cinch the belt at the back.

It will mean you will not be able to button it up, but it will look more stylish.

2. To create a more put-together look add a scarf under the collar that tones with your outfit.

3. Length – Ideally, the trench coat will be longer than your outfit if wearing it with a dress or skirt.

Alternatively, or if wearing it with pants follow the rule of thirds.

rule of thirds

That is, after visually dividing your body into thirds: head to waist; waist to knee; and knee to foot.

Optimise your silhouette by breaking up your look into two thirds, one third.

To maximise your style, choose a coat length that aligns with or balances out how you are applying the two thirds, one third rule to the outfit.

4. The choice of fabric makes a difference.

Wear a silk version over a knit dress to increase fluidity.

Or add a silk version to a highly tailored outfit to emphasis the main outfit’s tailoring.

This styling approach works also works in reverse.

That is wear a highly tailored trench coat over a less tailored outfit made from a softer fabric.

Following these tips will help you to create a stunning trench coat style statement!

For styling advice that will maximise your style contact Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist and book a free initial consultation today!

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