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29 Mar 2024

Guo Pei Fashion, Art, Fantasy exhibition at the Auckland Art Galley

Would you go overseas to see a frock?

Well not a frock exactly but the yellow gown designed by Guo Pei that Rihanna wore to the 2015 Met Gala.

The answer in our case is yes!!!

Once we found out that Guo Pei’s yellow Met Gala gown would be on display at the Auckland Art Gallery the planning began.

The exhibition – Guo Pei Fashion, Art, Fantasy offers much more than the yellow gown.

Guo Pei is not a designer of minimalist fashion. There is nothing ‘quiet’ about the luxury fashion she creates.

Through her fashion she explores the ideas of ‘East meets West’ in a conversation that pays homage to Asian culture while celebrating Western ideas of dress and fashion.

The amazing gold ‘boat’ dress from the Elysium, Spring/Summer 2018 collection exposes the cage that in earlier centuries created dramatic paniers.

Guo Pei subverts the late 18thc style dresses by not only exposing the cage but by rotating it so that it looks like the wearer is in the middle of a boat.

Gold features throughout the exhibition creating the sense of luxury.

The styling of the pieces is exquisite.

Shoes, reticules – it would be a crime to call them handbags, and headpieces are part of an integrated design that creates a distinct baroque aesthetic.

If you are dressing in Guo Pei, you are dressing to be noticed – Ask Rhianna!

It is a joy to be able to see this exhibition.

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