Options for creating a more polished style
28 Mar 2024

Long weekends are perfect for style experimentation

Four days! Yes, four days!

The four-day Easter break is a wonderful time to experiment with your style.

Not sure what it has been like where you are, but we have been experiencing unseasonably warm weather.

Nonetheless the mornings and evenings are cool.

This is the perfect time of year to trial a polished weekend style.

You do not have to give up your favourite comfy leggings or jeans!

Swap out your t-shirts for a shirt to create a polished long weekend style.

Here are options for you to try.

Option 1

Wear and oversized shirt over leggings.

option 2

Instead of a casual top wear a silk shirt with your favourite jeans for an instant style boost.

option 3

A collared shirt worn with your beloved leather jacket is a classic style pick you up. It works with denim jackets as well.

option 4

If you wear a light sweatshirt or jumper, put a collared shirt underneath with the collar out and enjoy the preppie vibe.

option 5

Alternatively, keep the t-shirt and wear a tailored jacket and pant with it, Dries Van Noten Style.

All small changes that make a big style impact.

Discover the style you will own with a Bottlegreen and Yellow styling session.

Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist and book today!

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