What’s Your Style? how to navigate the fashion industry
08 Mar 2024

Fashion for any age

For many women, a question that is on a loop as they age is – What’s My Style?

Often clients tell me that they can not see themselves represented in the fashion that is around them.

This has got me thinking.

Did you see Elle Macpherson aka ‘The Body’ walked the runways of the Melbourne Fashion Festival this week?

The following day Miuccia Prada sent 70+ year old women down the runway in Paris wearing Miu Miu, traditionally known as Prada’s youth brand.

Fashion designers and retailers are embracing on a regular rather than on a one off ‘special marketing’ basis the idea that women must see themselves represented in their marketing if they are to buy their products.

But, with so much fashion available are we seeing the opportunities and options we have?

This does raise the old fashion notion of dressing your age.

Our age and the images brands present to us may determine where we feel comfortable to shop.

Age, in reality, rarely determines the clothes we buy. Nonetheless, the notion of age-appropriate clothing persists.

Brands cannot be all things to all women, which is what make shopping for clothes such a challenge.

Without the guideposts marketing gives us we often do not have a good map of our options.

Whether you are 16 or 60+ seeing someone you relate to wearing something that they look good in does give a kind of permission for you to wear it too.

Equally, seeing someone you do not relate to wearing something is highly likely to put you off trying it.

How many of you for example, have visited Sportsgirl recently. I would recommend you do.

It is fast fashion and that is a legitimate reason for not shopping there, but I suspect you might be surprised by the looks can find there that would work for you.

For those of you frustrated or just overwhelmed this is where a stylist can help.

A stylist is your navigator in the sea of fashion options, showing you where you can find clothes that will make you look and feel good.

Until you engage your stylist, look out for retailers embracing diversity.

This is often a marker of brands that see their customers as real women with busy lives who need clothes that not only make them look and feel good but that suit their lifestyle as well.

If that sounds too complicated, why not contact Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist and Let’s Go Shopping!

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