How to use layers to transition your wardrobe when the seasons change
26 Feb 2024

Stylishly navigate any season with smart layering

Do you struggle to transition your wardrobe between seasons?

Embrace layers!

Don’t pack away Summer clothes – layer them under light knits, blazers, or trench coats.

styling tips

These tips will help you to stylishly navigate seasonal change.

  1. Summer tops live on! Layer them under light knits. Avoid the ribbed versions as they may create a bulkier look.
  2. Trench coats are your Autumn BFF. A trench coat will keep you warm when you need it, but not overheat you on a warm Autumn day.
  3. Blazers are a versatile and stylish layer whatever the season. Wear them over a t-shirt or with a Summer dress. A navy single breast style looks fantastic with jeans. Choice of fabric matters. A heavy cotton or light wool will see you wearing it throughout the year.
  4. Cashmere cardigans are the perfect layering piece. For solo wear choose a lightweight cashmere. Chunky knits are ideal for work or the weekend.
  5. Hosiery is back in style. Wear bright patterned hosiery with your favourite denim skirt and derby shoe to add a dash of elan to your look. The days might be cooler, but your look will be hot!
  6. Long-sleeve tees are essential under knitwear. Find a style you like buy it in assorted colours. Team your long sleeve tee with a denim shirt, a knit dress, or a puffer jacket.
  7. Outerwear is the ultimate layering piece. Size up for layering. Choose a style with relaxed tailoring for the office. Wear it over everything shirts, jackets, and knits.
  8. Mixing fabrics. Not every layer needs to be lightweight. Ideally, work light on bottom, heavy on top. Alternatively, put a chunky knit or jacket over lightweight pieces and finish off with an anorak style coat.
  9. Fit. Start with fitted pieces. Avoid adding fitted pieces over heavier fabrics because it will look like the fitted pieces are too tight.

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