How to hot up your party season style!
11 Dec 2023

Holiday Season dressing in Style – make mine red!

This holiday season the go to colour for your party season dressing is red.

Red is making somewhat of a comeback after a year when pink dominated.

Most red shades are available. Which is good news because this is a colour that can be challenging to wear.

There is a myriad of ways to incorporate this colour into your party season looks.

Is this the year for red glasses?

Take a lead from Miu Miu. Try out a red frame.

Whether they are sunglasses or spectacles, red frame glasses are a stylish alternative to black.

The new season frames are finer and more elegant.

This makes them a subtle and stylish way to wear red.

A red dress of course will still make the ultimate statement.

This season when party dressing is all about comfort, read more here, look for a red tuxedo style suit.

You do not need to wear red as a monochrome, try a pattern in red tones!

For those of you focussing on creating a more sustainable wardrobe, a good option is to add red accessories.

Shoes, bags, and jewellery accents in red will capture the feeling of the holiday season.

Does your sleepwear need an update?

Why not try out red nightwear or lingerie.

If you are on a budget, then opt the ultimate statement of chic style with a red lip!

This holiday season make your party dressing red but do it your way!

Too busy to shop?

Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist offers a personal shopping service.

Let us streamline the process of finding the perfect looks for you.

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