Neutrals need never be boring!
20 Nov 2023

how to style neutrals to avoid the style yawn

Neutrals – safe, bland, boring.

They can be. But, in this blog, we explore how to wear neutrals that avoid the style yawn.

Neutrals are most often seen as the foundation of at wardrobe, and they can be.

But they can be so much more.

One of the keys to creating a more sustainable wardrobe is getting more creative when styling neutrals.

Styling with neutrals you can create a style that goes from classic to modern to edgy.

Style Tip 1 Select a bold print

Start by selecting a bold print in a neutral colour.

Pair the print with a bold colour for a modern look.

Making it edgy is done by creating an unusual silhouette.

To keep your style classic, use the bold print as an accent for example in a scarf, wrap or belt.

Style Tip 2 Use texture and layers

Stay monochromatic but use texture and layers to add interest.

Team a white button-down shirt with a white handkerchief hemmed skirt and add a chunky black boot to make it edgy.

Wear a black outerwear ensemble over a bright coloured outfit so pops of colour are visible when you move.

Layer neutral toned pieces with different textures and see how much more dramatic your look can be.

Style Tip 3 Don’t forget accessories

Elevate a neutral look by adding colour through accessories.

Another option is to wear chunky gold or silver jewellery to add texture to a neutral look.

Add a white trainer and that neutral look will suddenly be so much more fun.

Colourful looks can get a classic twist by adding a neutral toned bag and shoe.

Style Tip 4 Experiment

Do not let the versatility or neutrals lull you into creating a style that merely blends in.

The great advantage of neutrals is how easy they are to pair with other colours.

Whether you want to create a monochromatic look or add a pop of colour, let your neutrals give you the confidence to be bold but not boring.

Style neutral florals with a strongly toned neutral piece with a different texture.

Mix and match neutrals, black and white, brown, and white, brown, and blue!

Socks and sandals, a few will get away with this look, why not see if you are one of them!

Read more about styling neutrals here.

Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist can help you get more out of your wardrobe.

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Looks: Sir the Label. Sunset Lover pants suit. Cos dress; Witchery necklace and Sissa Sorella sandals.

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