Time for a style reboot?
17 Nov 2023

Steps to get your style groove back!

Busy work and family life, change of city, change of job, the pace fashion evolves at.

Any one of these factors can lead to you loosing your style groove.

If this resonates with you.

Is it time for a style reboot?

steps to your style reboot

  1. Set a budget!
    • Start with a budget for your transformation.
    • For change to happen you will need to invest in it.
  2. Shop with an acquaintance
    • Invite someone you like but that you do not know well to go shopping with you.
    • This approach is all about getting an unfamiliar perspective on your style.
  3. Explore different retail offerings
    • If Step 2 is not for you visit fashion retailers where you have never been. Try on what they have.
    • Avoid your go to colours.
    • The idea is to explore something new. Do this by trying on clothing styles that are new to you.
  4. Reevaluate
    • Review your progress.
    • What did you learn? Do you need more help?
    • It might be time for Step Five. Hire a stylist?
  5. Hire a personal stylist!
    • It is true we can often see a problem but are much less able to creatively approach problem solving.
    • A personal stylist will work with you to understand the problem.
    • They will use their expertise and industry knowledge to steer you towards clothing that works for you, your lifestyle and your budget.
    • You will not only get a style refresh but they will also equip you with the tools to evolve your style.

Get inspired. Read about Caterina’s wardrobe refresh here.

Reading to start? Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist offers a 1.5-hour wardrobe makeover.

Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow to book today!

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