30 Oct 2023

Bev is a Perth based Executive in a senior role where she represents the company for whom she works.

Bev needs a confident personal style that is professional and polished, but she does not have a lot of time to shop.

When she is travelling to Canberra, we schedule shopping trips between meetings.

This enables the preselection of items that enable her to shop efficiently.

Most recently across two trips we created this look which she wore to deliver a speech to the WA Mining Club.

The image is from the West Australian reporting on her speech.

The image shows Bev looking like the confident professional that she is.

If you are a busy professional who is time poor but who needs a wardrobe the is stylish, comfortable and that makes you feel confident. Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist to book a consultation.

“Thanks Linda – your skilled eye and advice made all the difference!”

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