Feeling like a fashion outsider?
20 Oct 2023

Time to rediscover your style!

Has what you are seeing online and in store got you feeling like a fashion outsider?

What to do when you feel like a fashion outsider? It is time to rediscover your style!

Fortunately, we are blessed with a diaspora of fashion designers and brands.

Online shopping means that where you live no longer dictates what you can access and wear.

Follow these steps and start feeling like a fashion insider!

  1. Create a library of looks you like.
    • Pinterest is perfect for this.
    • Use the save feature on Instagram.
    • Share on Facebook.
  2. Narrow your search results based on budget, location, and season.
  3. If the products are available, visit the stores and try on what you like. If not, order pieces that will work with what you have.
  4. Repeat.

Before you know it, you will have populated your wardrobe with clothes from which you can create looks that you love and that are in season right now.

Find more style inspiration here.

Not sure where to start? Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist offers a 1.5-hour wardrobe makeover.

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