Celebrating Petite and Curvy Style
30 Jun 2023

Styling tips

When you are petite and curvy styling is all about accentuating your assets.

What are deemed assets will vary from person to person.

These tips will help you create the style that you have always imagined. And that you deserve!

1. Streamline your silhouette

The idea here is not to minimise. It is about creating a defined silhouette.

To create a defined silhouette, avoid oversized clothes.

One way to streamline your silhouette is so wear a monochrome look – that is single colour, print or pattern.

2. Lengthen your silhouette!

There are a few ways to look taller.

Select clothes that have features that draw the eye down for example a zip.

Wear pants that finish at the ankle with shoes or boots in the same colour.

A mid mid-thigh or maxi skirt with boots works as well.

3. Emphasis your waist

An hourglass silhouette never really goes out of style.

Emphasising your waist will add youthfulness to your style.

You can do this by wear a cropped top or adding a belt. Aim to elongate the distance from under your bust to your hip.

Wear a contrasting colour or texture at your waist is another option.

4. Use structure to add shape!

Jackets are one way to add structure and shape. Wear a wide shoulder and a narrow hem.

Choose garments that highlight what you want to emphasise.

A boot cut pant can highlight small feet, narrow ankles for example.

A shirt waist style dress to add a waist.

6. Add volume to bring attention to assets

Drop waist styles that have fuller skirts are an example of how to add volume.

Wear a fitted top with a fuller skirt or pants to highlight the waist and bust.

An empire line style where a fuller skirt drops from below the bust will create a dramatic silhouette.

7. Wear a V neckline to minimise bust

Classically a v neck will minimise your bust.

Accessories can be used to create the illusion of a v.

Fitted sleeves will also help minimise the bust area.

Read more tips here.

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