Shiv Roy & Beth Dutton
17 Apr 2023

Creating your signature style

I am not sure if you like me are an aficionado of Succession and Yellowstone.

The main delight of these shows is the only daughters, who are the heart of them and their style.

And, while we could spend enjoyable hours discussing the ‘daddy issues’ that abound in the shows, this blog focusses on what we can learn about creating a signature style from Shiv Roy and Beth Dutton.

Many column inches have been written about Shiv’s costumes particularly how what she wears accentuates the drama. I have seen less about what I think is the equally interesting costumes of the character Beth Dutton.

When power dynamics play out, we see Shiv and Beth in ‘power suits’. Interestingly, though we often see Beth in her version of the ‘prairie dress’ when she is at her most ruthless. It is not clear that Shiv dresses for herself though Beth does. Unlike Beth though, Shiv does not dress with her partner in mind while Beth clearly does.

Of the two Beth always seems to dress for herself and because of this her style is more distinctive. Shiv in contrast appears to be rarely dressing for herself. Shiv dresses in her version of what she thinks moments require. Her style is bland and less so a signature style. Her clothes are an armour but also more of a uniform. While the terms ‘stealth wealth’ and ‘quiet luxury’ have been applied to Shiv the very blandness of the looks does not create a signature style.

what can we learn?

  1. Creating a signature style involves embracing your individuality and letting your personality shine.
  2. It does not necessarily mean for example, wearing a signature colour or always creating the same silhouette.
  3. Dressing for your shape and environment is relevant BUT
  4. More important is to dress for yourself in clothes that you feel comfortable make you look good and feel great.

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