Chocolate, latte, sand…
19 Feb 2023

Brown – a colour produced by mixing red, yellow and blue

A key Fall trend during New York Fashion Week was the use of the colour brown.

Designers were playing with every shade and using it for day and eveningwear.

In the eveningwear it tended to be bronze, reflecting the colour we saw on the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Runway in January.

Looks came in chocolate, latte, sand, and beige but particularly the darker tones.

Fabrics were leather, to wool. The suiting was particularly stunning.

Whatever the shade – brown will be the colour you will be wearing this Autumn/Winter season.

Wear it with winter white, cream, pink, black and navy.

To make it work when combining it with other colours focus on putting cool colour tones together or warm colour tones together.

If brown is not a normal go to colour you like to wear, try integrating the colour by adding it via your boots, shoes, bags, scarves, or hats.

It is a terrific colour to dress up or down. Add gold jewellery with brown for a super luxe look.

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