Shopping your wardrobe
11 Feb 2023

Making the most of what you have

Tighter budgets call for a cannier approach to your style.

Shopping your wardrobe is the perfect way to maximise your style with what you have.

So what do we mean by shopping your wardrobe?

When it comes to our style most of us are creatures of habit.

We tend to re-wear the clothes closest at hand in our wardrobe.

The aim of shopping your wardrobe is to create new outfits from what you already have.

To freshen up your look, try these tips for shopping your wardrobe.

Re arrange your wardrobe

Look objectively at your clothes. What do you see first? The pieces you see first are likely to define your style.

Trying changing things around so you see something different first.

Changing the view can alter how and what you wear.

Hang outfits together!

Create a new look and then store or hang the elements of the look together.

When you get dressed wear the ensemble/s you have created.

This also makes choosing what to wear easier.

Wear more of your accessories

If you are out of the habit of wearing jewellery or changing your handbag or shoes. It is time to break that habit.

Consciously start adding jewellery to you looks.

Add a belt if you do not usually wear one. Or change out the belt that come with the outfit for a different one.

This might inspire you to try a different handbag or shoe.

Alternatively, pick shoes you do not wear often and build an outfit that goes with them.

Play the equivalent of jumbled words with your outfit!

Pull out one item. It can be anything a t-shirt, jeans, a shirt and see how many ways you can style it.

Do not forgot to use your accessories to create even more unique looks.

Shopping your wardrobe and getting creative can be a challenge. It does not have to be.

Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist about how to create your ultimate sustainable style.

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