Valentine’s Day
03 Feb 2023

Jewellery trends

Valentine’s Day is not far away.

If jewellery is on the gift list then these trends are the ones to look out for.


On the red carpet necklaces have been absent of late.

The argument goes if you are young then show off and unadorned décolletage.

But, if you love necklaces, then make it a sentimental choice.

Customisation or giving a necklace that has sentimental value is a good option.

The intent either way is to give a gift that generations will treasure.


Earrings are large and bold.

Select earrings that stand out and look best when there is no necklace.

A great option for this is pearls.

Pearls symbolize strength and wisdom and are the perfect choice in the Year of the Rabbit.

Arm candy

Do not think handbags or that very cute partner! Cuffs are the statement style for arm candy at the moment.

At the top of the tree is the iconic Tiffany cuff.

This is not the only option.

Dinosaur Designs makes wonderful resin cuffs and bangles.

Wear a single bangle or stack them on your arm.

Stacking Dinosaur Designs bangles is a terrific way to embrace this trend.

The choice of colours and widths makes these versatile accessories.


Coloured gems are increasing in popularity.

When selecting a ring with a coloured gemstone, birth month colours is a good option.

Emeralds and sapphires are popular but think about the skin tone of the recipient.

What colours to they wear?

Look for coloured gemstones that will work with these colours.


Silver, gold, and mixed metals are all good choices.

Mixed metals are particularly versatile as accessories.

They allow for endless mixing and matching with other accessories such as hardware on handbags, belts and shoes.

Mixed metals work beautifully in necklaces and bracelets or bangles.

A lovely option is to put together a platinum, silver or white gold ring with a gold ring to create an eternal style that doubles the love.

shopping options

If in Canberra head to Diamond Boutique for custom made pieces; Kin Gallery for artisan pieces. Both are located in Braddon. In Manuka try Creations Jewellers for pearls and Bijoux for Dinosaur Designs In the city check out Aharoni Jewellery for exceptional gemstones.

Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist can help you make the most of your accessories.

Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow for a complimentary chat about creating a style as gorgeous as you are.

To all the lovers – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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