Dressing your age
28 Jan 2023

The constant art of reinvention

Dressing your age can be defined as the constant art of reinvention.

That reinvention is imbued with culture and history and commentary about what is acceptable to society.

This is never truer when it comes to considering what for me is the pejorative suggestion that “you should dress your age.”

If a client asks how to dress their age, I do not ask their age but I do look at how long most of the pieces in their wardrobe have been there.

In my experience the idea of dressing your age is a misnomer that comes from outdated social and cultural constructs.

What is likely to be truer is that:

If you are younger:

  1. Your tastes have evolved faster than your wardrobe.
  2. Increasingly you are looking for pieces that will last you longer.

If you are older then as you have aged for whatever reason:

  1. You are slower at turning over pieces in your wardrobe. This can mean you have lost touch with more current styles.
  2. Increasingly when you have bought new pieces, comfort has been a priority.

The result, whatever your age is that the clothes you wear do not make you feel like you.

This is not because you are older!

Fashion too is the art of reinvention. The fashion cycle is short. It is easy to quickly lose touch with current style options and/or what suits you best.

The key outtake for looking your best is – hone your skills at reinvention.

Ready to update your style?

Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist takes the stress out of revamping your wardrobe.

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