Happy Lunar New Year!
19 Jan 2023

Welcoming the Year of the Rabbit

Happy Lunar New Year!

2023 welcomes the Year of the Rabbit – A symbol of prosperity, hope and positivity.

In honour of these gifts this blog is dedicated to dressing positively.

To dress positively is to choose clothes and a style that looks great on and that make you feel like the very best version of you.  

This will involve wearing colours that bring you joy and that fit and enhance your body shape.

Planning is a good way of succeeding in dressing positively.

Check your calendar. What key meetings and events do you have coming up?

Which pieces in your wardrobe make you feel good and would be appropriate when attending them.

Try and make sure that those items are cleaned ironed and ready to go on those dates.

Thrown together looks rarely deliver a positive outcome.

Help your chances of creating positive looks by regularly removing items from your wardrobe that do not make you feel good when you wear them or that you have not worn in a long time.

This will reduce the risk of you selecting items when you are in a rush that do not work best for you.

Avoid last minute purchases for big events or buying whatever is on sale that seems like a good deal.

These purchases will rarely deliver a positive outcome.

Try and schedule multiple shopping trips well in advance for a big event.

It reduces the pressure to ‘buy something’ and increases the chance of finding something perfect.

Have fun this year!

Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist focusses on creating a style that is as glorious as you are.

Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow to arrange a complimentary chat about your personal style needs.

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