Party Season Style
09 Dec 2022

Finding the perfect outfit

What is the perfect Party Season Style?

Finding the perfect party outfit is only one element.

What makes the perfect outfit?

Fit is important. An outfit that makes you feel good as well as looks good.

The outfit that when you put it on it makes you smile.

The outfit is just the base though. The accessories, jewellery, shoes and bag that work with the outfit are the pièce de resistance.

To find your perfect party look:

  • Visit designers or stores where you have bought clothes that you love.
    • These retailers will usually stock more upmarket pieces and you might just find something you love that you can make work for a big night.
  • Do not stray too much from your usual style.
    • Think about what works on your body shape.
    • Look for outfits that create the same or similar silhouette but that have pizazz or that can be dressed up.
  • Do not forget that a party look is more than just the outfit.
    • See what you already have that you are comfortable in.
    • Your makeup, belt, jewellery, and shoes can all elevate an everyday ‘nice’ outfit into your party look.
  • Having a great night is about more than what you wear.
    • Be comfortable and be you. If you feel good, you will look good.

Let Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist help you find the perfect New Year’s Eve Party Dress.

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