Jodie received a Gift Certificate to celebrate her birthday.

She decided to use the Gift Certificate to refresh her wardrobe.

Jodie has had a very rough time recently.

Health issues had resulted in her weight fluctuating a lot. The clothes she was used to wearing were designed for comfort and to acomodate the rigours of hospital visits.

On the road to recovery Jodie’s wardrobe was full of clothes that neither inspired nor fit her!

We started her wardrobe refresh by removing the items that did not fit and those that made Jodie feel blah.

We explored the colours that suited her.

Jodie is petite. I showed her how to dress for her body shape and to create a style that emphasises how petite she is.

We did this by eliminating clothes with drab prints and by restyling old favourites to update them.

The result was a new Jodie who looks totally chic.

“Thank you so much for your styling session!

You showed me so many combinations within my current wardrobe that far exceeded my expectations.

I feel more confident in hitting the shops knowing that I can wear things that previously I had avoided trying on as I didn’t think it would suit me.

The shopping list and extensive suggestions for shopping is extremely helpful. I’ll be checking out the suggestions.

Thank you again for your generosity of time and help with my wardrobe and listening to me!

You did make me feel much brighter and enthusiastic.” Jodie, Googong, NSW

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