Want to look taller?
17 Nov 2022

Styling tips for looking taller

Want to look taller?

Creating the illusion of a longer torso is a terrific way to look taller.

The following styling tips for looking taller focus on lengthening your torso.

  • Select a straight dress in a single colour that has seams that run from the shoulder to the hem.
    • If it has buttons that run down the front or a zip this is also good for creating the illusion of a longer torso.
  • Preferably the hem of a dress or skirt should finish mid-calf though a maxi and mini can also make you look taller if styled cleverly. If selecting a skirt, try a straight style with a high waist. Alternatively a low-slung skirt with a skin tight top work too.
    • If you add wide shoulder and a narrow hem the triangle silhoutte that is created will also be slimming.
  • Add a shoe or boot that is the same colour as the dress or pant.
    • This will accentuate the length of your torso and legs.
  • Wear pieces that have high waists for example up under your bust. This creates the illusion of a longer torso.
    • If wearing a pant or jean, choose one with a seam that runs down the length of your leg. This will make your legs look longerr.
  • Wear a cigarette or similar slim pant and tuck the pant into a boot that is the same colour as the pant. This will have the effect of lengthening the leg ad making you look taller.

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For more styling tips click here.

Images L-R: Rebecca Vallance pink suit; Bassike dress: Tessa Thompson in Elie Saab

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