Nat is a busy professional with limited time to shop and explore new styles.

Nat had a wonderful time on her VIP Shopping Trip to Anna Thomas.

Before the styling session I selected several looks for Nat that were waiting when she arrived. This made the process more streamlined for her, which made the best use of her limited time.

Listening to Nat and giving her options within her comfort zone and some that were outside of it was a key part of this styling session.

This included have her try on an orange patterned dress (Nat said she hates orange!) which when teamed with a green jacket showed her how she could wear orange and love it.

As well as finding two looks she loved, Nat also discovered new ways to create looks for herself.

“Thank you again for such a wonderful morning on Friday. I don’t think I would have tried half of the outfits you selected for me if it wasn’t for your encouragement. I was very pleasantly surprised with how good they looked! Even the orange!!” 

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