Four Styling Tips
13 Nov 2022

For Looking Amazing

To create a style that gets you noticed, here are Four Styling Tips for looking amazing.

1. find the colour that is right for you

This can be a bit of trial and error.

Remember when you change your hair colour the shades of the colours that suit you best will change.

The colours that suit you best will also change as your skin tone changes.

2. find out what proportions look best on you

You do not have to stick to one style or trend.

In different fora different looks and styles are ok.

Understanding how proportions work on your body shape will help you select pieces that look amazing no matter what their style.

3. build from basics

Whether it is shirts or t shirts or jeans or skirts and dresses creating a base from which you can build is essential.

It will make adding jackets and using accessories to create an amazing style easier day to day.

4. be consistent

Once you find your groove stylewise being consistent will be what gets others noticing your looks.

Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist to arrange your personal styling session where we will put these tips into practice.

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