Moving beyond black
10 Nov 2022

Changing your go to lookS

You always wear black but want to change it up.

Moving beyond black means changing your go to looks.

Black is a go to style option because of its versality and availability.

If you usually wear all black ensembles adding colour other than white can be a challenge.

If you are ready to add a bit of variety to your black ensembles these clever ideas may inspire you.

  1. Start with your shoes. Who does not love a pop of colour worn with black.
  2. Play with different accent colours. Add accent colours with jewellery or belts. It is a good way to get used to wearing colour.
  3. Try prints with black – herringbone or checks are stylish options when looking to mix things up.
  4. Add a colourful scarf. This is an effective way to get comfortable with having colour near your face. Migrate from scarves to colourful tops or shirts. Try them under a black blazer or sleeveless dress.
  5. Wear charcoal grey or dark navy pieces. These colours make good steppingstones away from black.
  6. Buy an outfit from a favourite designer in a colour other than black. If it is a suit mix and match the pieces with a black version.
  7. Select pieces with a print on a black background.
  8. Pick outerwear that is not black. This is another way to wear colour.

Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist for a consultation about your wardrobe and how to address the gaps.

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Images: Include Alpha 60 products and a Hermes scarf

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