Top Ten Tips for stlying them

Bold prints are arriving for Summer. If you love a bold print but are not sure how to style them, here are my Top Ten Tips for Styling Bold Prints.

You might have noticed a change in your feed and in stores as we move closer to Summer with bold prints entering the collections of local designers.

These prints are a celebration of Summer and for many the end of lock downs.

If you love a bold print but worry that it will wear you here are my top ten tips for styling a bold print.

Bold Print Styling Tips

  1. If you are petite chose a small or delicate print in a bold colour.
  2. Add a jacket with a bold print to a monochrome base.
  3. To prevent the ‘grandma look’ opt for large over small floral prints.
  4. Match a colour from the print to your accessories.
  5. Add a classically tailored jacket to create a look for the office.
  6. Wear a classic shoe or sandal with a heel to create a more formal look.
  7. Break up the pattern with a monochrome belt.
  8. Wear the print either in a pant or skirt with a monochrome top.
  9. Wear the print in a top and add a monochrome pant or skirt.
  10. Select tailored items that have a bold print. This will create the impression of restraint.

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