Like most senior executives Bev is time poor. She has a myriad of business and social occasions to dress for but little time to shop. While visiting Canberra, she found a couple of hours to spare so we arranged a shopping trip. After discussing what she wanted, I planned the excursion making it as relaxed and successful as possible. My knowledge of Canberra’s retail offerings made it a fun shopping experience, removing the guesswork and pain points to deliver the best options for her.

“As someone who is time-poor and a reluctant solo clothes shopper, the opportunity to turn a chore into a brief, fun afternoon was irresistible!

So, when I was recently in Canberra, I arranged with Linda to dash out between meetings and my late flight home to refresh a wardrobe too full of black suits.  I was in the mood for colour and casual.

Linda made it easy. I just turned up at the nominated time and off we went. The best bit for me was that I didn’t have to do any thinking or planning. Linda really took the guesswork and the decision-doubt out of shopping – zooming straight to the boutiques that met the brief for the outfits I wanted most.  

Where I would have been overwhelmed by the choice and the stock, Linda selected the colours, styles, and items that most worked for me. In the end the hardest thing was deciding what not to buy. 

I was thrilled with the result. It gave me such a boost to my energy. If you are in Canberra, I highly recommend finding two hours to slip away and take the stress out of shopping. Like me you might find yourself heading home with a whole new look!”

Bev, Perth
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