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28 Oct 2022

Finding outfits with the power to change your mood

Style tips for finding outfits with the power to change your mood.

How we dress and what we wear is powerful.

The power of an outfit can be subtle, but it is there, nonetheless.

The feedback to an outfit that looks good and makes you feel great is immediate.

Once you feel the power of an outfit to make you feel good – it will become an eternal search to realise that feeling again.

style tips

To guide finding outfits with the power to change your mood.

  1. Make sure the outfit fits.
    • Selecting clothes that are too big or small will make you feel uncomfortable in your skin.
    • Ignore the size on the label and focus on the fit.
    • You will immediately feel more you if you select clothes that fit.
  2. Understand your body shape.
    • Focus on how you feel in an outfit.
    • Can you move?
    • Does the texture of the fabric feel good on?
    • Does the shape of the outfit align with your shape?
  3. Play with colour.
    • Focus on the colours that suit you best
    • Do not worry about standing out from the crowd.
    • Wearing clothes that look good on you will mean that you will stand out from the crowd.
    • Mum’s if your babies have a similar colouring to you, try distinct colours on them to see what looks best.
    • The chances are that the colours that look best on your babies are going to look amazing on you.
  4. Do not worry about being overdressed.
    • It does not matter what anyone else is wearing.
    • Looking great only comes when you are wearing an outfit that makes you feel good.
    • When you feel good it will not matter what other people are wearing – they will not be able to stop themselves from telling you how good you look.

Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist today and Let’s Go Shopping for the outfits that have the power to change your mood.

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