Reimagine your style
08 Oct 2022

Reworking your wardrobe

To reimagine your look is not as hard as you might think.

A great way to rework your wardrobe is to explore how to wear existing items differently.


Try these styling tips.

A button-through dress can make a stunning coat style jacket. Wear it over jeans and a t shirt.

The trick is to fully unbutton the dress and select a t shirt and jean that works with the colour of the dress.

Wear the dress open cinched at the back or with a belt.

Shirts that button through can be given a new life.

Start by trying it worn open over a t shirt or singlet.

The options are endless.

  • Tie a shirt at the waist and tuck it in at the back or leave it out
  • Try a half or fully tuck the shirt in at the front
  • Unbutton the shirt all the way though and add a belt or try the belt with some of the buttons done up
  • Add the shirt over a strapless dress, cinched at the back or belted.

These options work equally well with pants or skirts.

The main thing is to have fun!

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