Styling a monochrome look
07 Oct 2022

monochrome makes a great base

Styling monochrome looks is fun because they create a lovely canvas for accessories and jackets.

A monochrome look – that is wearing a single colour makes a statement. It need not overwhelm you though.

Monochrome pieces whether a dress, or top and pant or skirt in one colour makes a great base.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can try to make a monchrome look work for you.

Styling monochrome looks

Styling tips to create a stunning monochrome look.

  1. Add a colourful silk scarf as a belt. The ‘belt’ creates a waist and breaks up the blockiness you may feel dressed neck to knee is one colour.
  2. Wear a scarf or colourful necklace. This will bring a contrasting colour your face.
  3. Try a neutral-coloured belt. Create the illusion of a separate top and bottom. It will break up the sameness of the overall look. Add a matching-coloured shoe and/or bag to create a chic look.
  4. For a bit of panache wear a jacket in a bold colour. Offset the monochrome and make a statement.
  5. Try a jacket with a different texture or style such as denim over silk or linen. Add a seasonal flavour to a monochrome piece.
  6. Select monochrome pieces made with a textured fabric or that are in a deconstructed style. As you move the light will catch the texture which breaks up the sense of a single colour. A deconstructed piece will move and flow when you move. This reduces the sense of the piece being one colour.

For more styling tips contact Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist and Let’s Go Shopping.

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