Got the shopping blues?
15 Aug 2022

Tips for banishing your shopping blues

‘I hate shopping’ is a common refrain.

If this resonates with you, read on for my ‘tips for banishing your shopping blues’.

Hint: It helps to go with a plan.

It is a skill

While it is true that there is an element of trial and error. Shopping effectively is a skill.

Like anything getting good at finding clothes that work for you takes practice. Rather than going through the frustration of online shopping, visit some stores.

There is nothing like trying clothes on to understand how the fabrics flow and how the design works on you.

focus on fit

To start focus on fit.

Try on clothes to see what shapes and styles suit you.

Once you know the shapes and styles that look good on you move on to look at colour, patterns, and textures.

create a relaxing experience

Browsing to a great way to get to know the current fashion trends and to hone your skills.

If visiting stores, try to browse during the ‘off peak times. It is also better to go when you are relaxed and not pressured to be somewhere or buy something.

Taking a relaxed approach to learning what is available can help you find those special pieces that make your look.

have a plan

Think about what you already have and what you think will be a powerful addition to your wardrobe.

Carry a list of your gaps. This may help avoid poor impulse purchases.

Find more tips here.

Best wishes!

Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow to arrange a personalised shopping trip and create a style as gorgeous as you are.

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