Get ready for Spring
10 Aug 2022

Closet cleanout time is now!

Winter closet cleanout time is now!

Spring transitional items have been arriving in stores. This means it is time to Get Ready for Spring.

to start

To start, pick a sunny day with the promise of the warmer weather to come.

Sort out your clothes starting with Winter clothes have languished unworn in 2022.

The unworn items are unlikely to be worn again so it is time to decide what to discard.


Discard anything that is damaged.

If items do not fit, it is time to move them on.

Items that still have the tags on that have not been worn need a new home.

Sort the clothes into piles.

  • Pack away
  • Sell
  • Donate

pack away

Pack away, anything that fits that but maybe that you did not get a chance to wear because they are for a milder Winter than the one, we just had.

Or it might be, they are for travelling and well there has been less of that recently.

As Spring approaches look at packing away heavier Winter garments.

What to pack away is a judgement call. If you have put the item on and then taken it off again, is it ready to sell or donate?


A sustainable option given the levels of fashion waste is to sell items.

It might be a better option to try and sell your unworn quality pieces to reduce the chance of them ending in landfill.

Donating quality items is also an excellent alternative.


If planning to donate garments, make sure they are of good quality.

Check with your local donation centres what they are short of? Focus on donating those types of items.

Any items with tags on are good to donate if in good condition.

A closet cleanout now will not only give you wardrobe space but while the weather continues to be cold others can benefit.

Need more advice? Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow and book a wardrobe refresh.

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