Styling curves
02 Aug 2022

Create a defined silhouette

Styling curves is all about creating a defined silhouette.

A classic styling mistake is to try and minimise curves by wearing shapeless or oversized clothes.

Shapeless and oversized create a solid visual image that has the effect of making the wearer look bigger.

A better approach is to create a defined shape.

CReate a defined shape

Styling tip one: Create a defined shape by emphasizing your waist.

To emphasise your waist wear high waisted pants, tuck in your top and add a wide belt. Choose a belt that is distinctive so that a clear contrast is made between the belt and the rest of the outfit.

Alternatively wear a large, oversized shirt or top and add a belt. Again, make sure the belt contrasts from the rest of your outfit. Also ensure that whatever is worn under the overshirt has a flattering length, see Styling Tip Two.

vary the lengths of YOUR clothes

Styling tip two: vary the lengths of your clothes so that you feature your neck, wrists and/or ankles. To do this roll back sleeves or choose tops with three quarter length bell shaped sleeve.

Select dresses with a waist that finish above or at the knee or above the ankle.

Avoid maxi lengths that sweep the ground. Dresses, skirts, and pants that are long and sweep the ground generally create a solid visual language that can make the wearer look bigger.

Create a v neckline

Styling tip three: create a v neckline. A v neckline will be more flattering particularly when your waist is emphasized.

Select shirts or tops with v necklines. Alternatively, a v neckline can be created with a tie or a scarf.

Another option is to simulate a v neckline with a cardigan or a jacket, blazer or jewellery.

Jewellery is a fun and creative way to give the impression of v neckline. Using jewellery will add elan to your look.

Wear clothes that fit properly

Styling tip four: Wear clothes that fit properly

This styling tip cannot be overstated.

Clothes that are too small, too long, too short are unflattering.

Do not be afraid to get clothes tailored so that they fit.

Get to know your local tailor. This can be a cheap and effective way of adjusting the garments you love so that they love you back.

Get to know the size inclusive and adaptive fashion retailers

Styling tip five: Get to know the size inclusive and adaptive fashion retailers

With more retailers offering size inclusive options there are many more options if you are curvier.

The latest Australian Fashion Week #AAFW22 featured a Curve Edit and an Adaptive fashion runway show. Read about it here.

The Australian retailers featured during #AAFW22 are a great place to start if you ar not familar with the Australian designers offering stylish size inclusive fashion.

Bottlegreen and Yellow has styling packages tailored to meet your needs. Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist about creating the style of your dreams today.

Stockists: Commonry (Image 1) and Leina and Fleur (Images 2 and 3)

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