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29 Jul 2022

Finding your colours, patterns and textures

Finding your colours, patterns. and textures involves a bit of trial and error.

When we talk about colours, patterns and textures that suit you we are almost always talking about how those colours look close to our face.

My styling tips for finding the colours that are best for you starts with understanding whether you suit cool or warm colours.

Cool or warm colours

Styling tip one: Colours come in cooler and warmer tones.

One way to work out what works best for you is to try on a garment that comes in a lot of colours.

When trying the same garment on in different colours clear winners will emerge.

But, do not assume that the same colours will work for every season.

the season

Styling tip two: the colours that work best will depend on the season.

This is because your skin tone will change subject to how much sun you are getting.

New technology also enables manufacturers to change the tones of colours depending on the season.

your age and your hair colour

Styling tip three: Your age and hair colour will make a difference.

As you age and when you change your hair colour retest what colours are working for you.

Black for instance gets less flattering as we age. Yellow is a colour you may find suits you if you embrace your grey hair.

florals, patterns and textures

Styling tip four: Start with colours that appeal to you.

Try florals, graphics and abstract patterns in the colours that appeal to you.

Similarly, more textured clothes like patterns break up and can soften or enhance colour.

To start, build your confidence trying bold colours in softer textures. As you grow in confidence try highly textured clothes in bold colours.

Tartans, checks and stripes are good options to try. This is because the clothes that use this type of patterning are often more conservative in style.

other considerations

Styling tip five: Other considerations:

  • a lighter colour below your chin will reflect light onto your face for most people this is a positive thing.
  • if you find black drains you of colour, try dark navy, you will find that it is a softer tone and that it is much kinder to your complexion than black
  • if white is not your friend, try a white with a stripe, yellow, light blue or pink are good options.


Styling tip six: What to beware of.

Beware harsh changeroom lights. If possible, see the clothes in as close to natural light as possible.

Makeup or the lack of it makes a difference. If you are tyring on clothes without makeup and you normally wear it or vice versa take this into consideration.

When shopping on-line selecting the best colours is harder. Focus on retailers where you are familiar with the colour palette. Focus on the colours that you discerned work for you.

next steps

Need more help and advice? Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow today to arrange your styling session or personalised shopping trip.

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