11 Jul 2022

Why hire a personal stylist?

Why hire a personal stylist I hear you say? It is an extravagance, an indulgence, only ‘celebrities’ use a stylist.

let me tell you a story

Your style journey even though that is not what we would call it started with how your parent/s dressed you.

To the extent that your temperament and/or funds allowed it, you took over your look.

This undoubtedly at a point evolved into looking the same as everyone around you.

Heading to college, university or joining the workforce provided the backdrop for individualisation.

At this point clothes and your style became functional, or dysfunctional, or you really started to make your mark.

Then life got busy and clothes and your style, if it ever mattered, became less important.


Now you look in your wardrobe and/or the mirror and somehow you cannot see you.

It is easy in the busyness of life not to pay attention to how styles have changed. To feel lost about what to buy and wear.

The dissonance you feel is entirely normal.

The story can but does not need to end there.

A personal stylist can help.


What we wear says so much about who we are.

Our clothes are our unwritten code to the world.

A personal stylist is a guide who will work out with you what types of shapes and colours look good on you.

They will help you let go of the past that your wardrobe has you trapped in.

A personal stylist will create the conditions necessary for you to be confident in your style.

To learn more check out the testimonials that come from people just like you.

If you are ready to transform your style, contact Bottlegreen and Yellow.

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