06 Jul 2022


Part I detailed the steps to create a wardrobe of clothes for your body. Part II is all about shopping for the body you have.

It starts with….

My shape has changed. I do not know what suits me anymore.

In this blog I look at how to shop for the body you have.

1. research

Before you start shopping use your list of priorities (created after reading Part I) start to explore what is available online.

Understanding what is on offer will help you get an idea of what colours and styles are current.

Focus on what your local retailers are offering.

Shopping locally not only supports your local businesses but they will be stocking clothes that are best suited to your climate and the season you are in.


If jeans are the priority try and stick to shopping for them.

Do not focus on sizes – Part III will discuss the fashion industry sizing dilemma!

When looking at clothes look at the width. Does a piece look about the same width as those you have at home? Length is more easily judged. For pant legs, are they as wide as ones you have that fit you?

3. Be prepared to spend some time

Learning how to shop for the body you have to create your dream style is an investment in you.

Discovering what fits and works best for you will take time.

Do not expect to hit the jackpot in terms of size and style the first time. If you do, fantastic!

More likely though you will need to be patient (and realistic) to find clothes that work best for you.

4. shop sustainably

You will not really understand what clothes fit and look best on you until you try them on.

Buying online which can be a hit or miss experience at anytime will be much worse without this understanding.

Start with your local independent boutiques. Use your online research to prioritise the stores to visit. Nothing beats touching feeling and seeing garments to understand how they will work on your body.

It is still a trial and error process but a more efficient and more sustainable one than bracket shopping online.

The staff in your local boutiques can be the owners and they know their products and how they fit customers.

Do not be afraid to seek out their advice when it comes to selecting items to try. It is then up to you if the products work.

5. repeat steps 1-4

Do not try and fill all your gaps in one go. Big purchases risk going into your wardrobe with tags on unworn.

Try to make time to shop for a few items regularly. The advantage of this approach is you are more likely to wear the pieces you buy. You will also build you knowledge of what is available and what is in style.

Building your experience in this way will help you to more successfully shop online.

In the next blog we tackle sizing…

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