Reinventing your style
13 Jun 2022

A North American journey

Prompted by a move to Canada this client started a North American journey to reinventing their style.

Their journey of reinventing their style began with a wardrobe clean out. The wardrobe cleanout readied them for a refreshed look.

To create their refreshed look, together we explored the local retail and preferred online options.

It was fun to look at Spring/Summer fashion. I was interested to rediscover brands, popular in the North America and find new ones.

Inspiration for the creation of four moods boards for the client was Villanelle from Killing Eve. Populating the Mood Boards were options from local retailers. Using the links provided the client went shopping.

I love getting pics of the purchases. The client feedback and pics provides me with information that I use to inform more research. And the client?

“Linda has been helping me refresh and evolve my wardrobe. Even though I am in North America, and she is in Australia she still managed to find me awesome stores inside my budget and easily within reach. That of itself was a total plus.” Hue, Canada. Read the full testimonial here.

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Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow about your styling needs. Reforming your wardrobe takes time and I offer a per ask service that helps you evolve your wardrobe on your schedule. 

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