2022 Met Gala
09 May 2022

Gilded Glamour

The annual Met Gala has been and gone. Like Christmas, the build-up can seem to overwhelm the event itself. Instead of the adrenalin rush of present opening followed by food, the Met Gala has the red carpet and then the guests enjoy a show with their food.

The Met Gala is a fundraising event for the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’ Costume Institute. It has become famous for its red carpet. Each gala has a theme that is tied to but not necessarily the same as the exhibition that those gracing the red carpet have been invited to see.

Gilded Glamour is the theme this year.

The gala is traditionally held on the first Monday in May. A fact that provided the title for the 2016 documentary The First Monday in May which explores the history of the Met Gala under the guardianship of Ann Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue.

This is the first Met Gala to be held on the first Monday in May since the outbreak of the pandemic. This made what is already a great fashionista event and even more hotly anticpated one.

The fashion moments on the red carpet are aimed at entrenching the images the public has of the designers represented and their models.

This is a commercial event, and its commerciality trumps the theme. The theme Gilded Glamour references Amercia from 1870 – 1900. It proved to be inspiration for only a handful of the guests. This does not mean that there were not gorgeous (and hideous) outfits on the red carpet. The fun of the gala is checking out who was there and what they wore without every having to wonder – what would I wear?

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2022 Met Gala – GILDED GLAMOUR

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