Make it dark

Navy and dark blue has always been a challenging colour for me.

Navy’s association with very conservative aka boring women’s business suits is hard to escape. Recently dark blue has ceded fashion dominance to black.

Since Pantone declared in 2020 Classic Blue ‘Colour of the Year’ dark blue is reasserting its position.

In stores this Autumn/Winter 2022 expect to find very dark blues and navy rather than the cobalt or royal blue selected by Pantone in 2020.

Designers opting to use dark navy include Rebecca Vallance and Carla Zampatti. Their Autumn/Winter 2022 ranges include a navy pant suit which throws shade all over the idea of wearing the same thing in black.

Dark blue is less harsh on skin tones and it plays nicely with other colours. Unlike black, navy does not tend to suck life out of the colours it is worn with. In contrast it tends to make the colours styled with it look more intense.

If it has been a while since you have considered outfits in dark navy this might be the season to revisit it because navy is back.

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