Mega shopping haul
19 Apr 2022

Short term gain for long term pain

A few clients have recently confessed that they hardly ever go shopping. Rather every couple of years they do a mega shopping haul.

As someone who shops all the time the mega shopping haul is a foreign concept.

What interested us was that when clients talk about the hauls, they express regret. They find they only ever wear a few of the pieces from the hauls. They talk about how the clothes they bought do not work with the ones they have either in terms of style or colour.

This is unsurprising. Your clothes will be a collection of a variety of styles and trends. Those bought in a single haul will be timestamped and coloured coded to the time they come from. This makes integrating them into your wardrobe challenging unless you are doing a complete overhaul of your wardrobe.

There are better ways to go.

Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Styling offers wardrobe refreshes in which we review what you have and make decisions about what to keep and what must go.

The Bottlegreen and Yellow Let’s Go Shopping package helps you shop for pieces that update your wardrobe but most importantly integrate with what you already have.

Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow to chat about your styling needs.

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