Travel is back!
03 Apr 2022

Create a outfit itinerary

With Easter rapidly approaching for many of us travel is back onto the agenda. This might mean you are rediscovering the joy of packing. Whether the trip is long or short the tendency to overpack is universal.

Here are tips for keeping your style intact when travelling.

Preparation is the key.

check the weather forecast

Find out what the forecast is in your destination before you consider what to take. There is no point packing that gorgeous but bulky coat if you no one is going to see it. Likewise leave the slip dress (even though it takes up little space) at home if it is winter where you are going.

create an outfit itinerary

Before selecting clothes for the trip. Create an outfit itinerary for each day and night of your trip.

What will you be doing and where will you be going? Your outfit itinerary starts with the creation of the ‘perfect outfits’ for your trip. That is the clothes you would wear if had access to your wardrobe at home.

pull out each of the ‘perfect outfits’

Pull out each of the ‘perfect outfits’ starting with your outbound and inbound travel outfits, including lingerie and shoes etc.  

You will now have half your wardrobe on your bed! Do not despair. The next stage is the cull. Do not go to accessories at this stage. That comes after the cull.

the cull

For the cull start with the selection of your outbound and inbound travel outfits.

Decide which pieces from your travel outfits can be the staples of your ‘perfect outfits’. This allows you to revise your ‘perfect outfits.’ For example, if you have selected a jacket as part of your travel outfit (and you should have) look at whether it can replace any other jackets that are part of your perfect outfits.

Eliminate ‘like to have’ pieces. Be realistic. Focus on pieces that have maximum potential to be restyled during the trip. Which pieces can be part of evening outfits?

One way to make your travel style hum is to take clothes that complement each other.

Once you have got most of your clothes back in your wardrobe add sleepwear, and lingerie and select your accessories. Again, opt for those pieces that can be restyled multiple times.

The cull is complete when you have a refined your perfect outfits to a set of clothes that can fit with your shoes and toiletries in your bag.

The perfect travel bag is one from which you can create your style everyday and where you wear everything you take.

happy travels!

Contact Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Stylist to book a complimentary chat about creating your perfect travel style.

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