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08 Mar 2022

Finding your style – after years of wearing a uniform

If you have served in the military or been in a role where a strict uniform code applied, finding your style post that experience can be a challenge.

The thing about the rules is they simplify dressing. For women in the military and other sectors that adopt military style dress for women the aim is to contain femininity.


One of the challenges when you step out of that arena is creating your style.

This often involves a rediscovery of your femininity. Sleeveless tops, open toe backless sandals, loose flowing hair and drop earrings all become possible again but how do you work out what suits you.

Firstly, the process of rediscovering your version of your style will take time. This is in part because fashion will have changed as will you. What worked for you pre-uniforms may not suit you in the era post them.

A less structured style dress may feel a bit uncomfortable for a while. So, while it may be tempting to jump in the deep end and go full on boho to avoid a cash splash on pieces that do not work, start slowly.


Do some research. Walk though shops on your high street or local mall and check out the prices and what you get for it. This will also help you appreciate what colours are in as well as the styles.

Starting your restyle journey online will be more of a challenge until you work out what suits you and what you feel comfortable in.


Use your research phase to have fun trying out different looks. The rules may be very ingrained. It will help if you are conscious of them. Try mixing up separates to break the pattern of always opting for a monochrome look.

Try different silhouettes to see what works and what you are comfortable in. Dresses can be a great option for doing this.

Feeling inspired? Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Styling specialise in creating signature styles. Contact me to discuss creating your post uniform style.

Keep in mind where you start is unlikely to be where you end up.

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