Time to Wear Yellow?
24 Feb 2022

it might involve a change of hair colour

Yellow the happiest of colours is everywhere. From buttercup and lemon yellows through to the brightest neon yellow that is almost green. Yellow is the colour of the season.

Yellow can be a challenging colour to wear. Many of us stop wearing yellow as we mature. But with the colour being everywhere this summer, I found myself giving a yellow outfit a go.

I was surprised to find that I could wear this colour again and yes, the Anna Thomas yellow suit followed me home.

It seems I have COVID to thank. In the first wave of lockdowns, I stopped colouring my hair. It was too good a chance to discover what colour my hair is. Like many others I liked my natural colour and was happy to embrace what I call my COVID gray.

It has been interesting since to discover that the colours that suit me have also changed. So it is that yellow has re-entered my wardrobe while some shades pink and purple have left it.

If like me, you have embraced COVID grey give yellow a go you might be surprised. If you are not ready for embracing grey hair or a full-on yellow outfit, try yellow in your accessories. It is a fabulous accent colour with black. Or look at gold toned outfits which make a statement on their own while also working beautifully with the browns and camels that are coming in this Autumn.

If you are looking for the styling equivalent of a pick me up Contact me to talk about your style. Bottlegreen and Yellow has a number of styling packages and so we can find the right one for you.

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