What is it and how to achieve it?

Runways are places where we find the outfits of our dreams. The Spring 2022 couture collections of Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier and Schiparelli all are odes to looking fabulous and making a statement.

While the price of haute couture may be out of reach this does not mean that so is achieving fabulosity.


Fabulosity is the state of being fabulous in pursuit of you true purpose.

What you wear is an outwards expression of this. Achieving fabulosity is really a state of mind.

Deciding what to communicate through how you dress is one of the most strategic decisions you make every day.

Being fabulous in pursuit of your purpose can take many guises. When it comes to what you wear the look does not need to be flamboyant, as the Dior Spring 2022 Couture Collection demonstrates but your style should imbue you with confidence.

The wonderful thing about style is that it allows you to confidently communicate your purpose without saying a word.

To achieve fabulosity in what you wear start by looking for brands and designers that use images of people you can relate to. A good start is to look for brands that pur their clothes on models with a similar shape to you. When looking at images the age of the person will be pretty irrelevant but for most of us 0 size models are unlikely to be modelling clothes that provide a pathway to fabulosity.

Focus on selecting and wearing clothes and accessories that make you feel good and that give you confidence. Take this approach and the path to fabulosity is sure to follow.

Need help getting started?

Bottlegreen and Yellow Personal Styling has a Creating Your Signature Style package which is perfect if you are looking to create a style as fabulous as you are. Call or eamil for a chat.

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