Styling a dress so it does not wear you
15 Dec 2021

stepping out of your comfort zone, safely

I was recently captured by a Scotch & Soda dress that was at momento dezigns Manuka.

There is nothing about the dress that fits with me or my preferred aesthetic, but it did call to me, sometimes clothes do this. The fabric is organic cotton and it is quite heavy for a summer piece. It was the pattern which had purple and orange in it that worked but also the weight of the fabric. It comes with the exciting name of Voluminous Printed Organic Cotton dress. Once I had it on, it lived up to its name – voluminous it certainly is.

It is a super maxi almost touching the ground. It was very comfortable on but was it wearing me or was I wearing it? I cinched the waist with my hands, and I was sold.

Despite the boho vibe it exudes the weight of the fabric and wide hemmed edges mean it’s actually a very sculptural piece that lends itself to being worn in a quite tailored way.

The photos are in order:

  1. Image from the Scotch and Soda web site.
  2. Image of dress without a belt.
  3. Image of the dress with a belt.

In this case the wide belt from @deptoftheexterior_manuka creates a structure. Pushing the sleeves up to the elbow reduces the amount of visible fabric and so stops the pattern from swamping me. I wore it with amethyst jewellery – Jan Logan earrings, Jane Brown Pearls bracelet, and Bijoux Jewellers necklace and purple suede hoegl sandals The heels also helped stop the dress from swamping me.

The dress lends itself to being worn with boots if the weather is cooler.

I love it and styled with the belt I feel like it is very much a ‘me’ look.

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