how to Create Cohesion from closet Chaos
09 Nov 2021

When you look into your closet do you see chaos?

How to create cohesion from closet chaos.

Closet chaos can exacerbate your feeling that you have nothing to wear.

Fixing this will take time but you can conquer the chaos.

where to begin – creating choesion from closet chaos

Start slowly.

Do not try and fix the situation in one go.

what you will need

1. You will need is a few bags for things that need to go.

2. Persistence and courage – You will be letting go and this can be hard!

3. To break the task down into steps.

Step suggestions are below.

step by step guide to creating choesion from closet chaos

1 Set aside time

Spontaneous wardrobe culls can lead to regret.

2 Set rules

Everything that:

  • does not fit
  • is damaged
  • still has a label on it after 6 months
  • hasn’t been worn in over a year


3 Put like with like

Put like clothing with like for e.g., all your shirts together.

Secondly put all the like colours of each clothing type together for e.g., all the white t-shirts together.

4The Sort

Put the clothes into 3 piles:

  • Keep  
  • Possibly keep
  • Must go

KEEP – items that you wear regularly and that you feel confident in.

Try to limit the keep pile to items that are less than 5 years old (vintage pieces assessed separately).

The clothes might still be ok but as we age how they look on us often deteriorates.

Next consider what to possibly keep.

POSSIBLY KEEP – items that need minor repair for e.g., are missing a button and that will continue to serve you well once fixed.

Time to feel cleansed by creating pile that must go

MUST GO – items that do not fit; that you have never worn or not worn for at least 12 months.

Only keep vintage items if they are in good condition and are in regular rotation in your wardrobe.

By working through categories of clothes you can break the task down.

Don’t leave MUST GO items hanging around. The temptation to keep them may prove a bit strong.

5 Drop Must Go items off with a reseller

Material Pleasures

The RealReal

Vestiaire Collective


Or check out this article

If the pieces are of sufficient quality, donate them. If items aren’t suitable for resale or donation avoid them going into landfill by dropping them off with your favourite recycler. Clothing retailers H&M, ZaraUpparel (formerly Manrags) and Uniqlo each have garment collection programs for clothing or textiles, which they reuse or recycle.

Macpac and Patagonia both have trade-in programs for own-branded pre-loved clothes with credit to spend rewards.

Find out more at

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